A Zero Install Forkable Jamstack

This blog doesn't require tools to be installed.

Its trivial to write and update content from any computer.

  • Everything required to write content or customize the deployment engine is web hosted.
  • Content is written in Observable notebooks (e.g. this post, an earlier one or the navbars).
  • The deployment toolchain is also hosted in an Observable Notebook (e.g. Netlify deploy).
  • Observable is designed for literate programming. Markdown or HTML or roll your own DSL.

This blog is fast and does not require Javascript

The usual Jamstack advantages apply.

  • Compiled to static assets deployed to a CDN.
  • Exploits Netlify' instant cache invalidation so production updates are fast.
  • Scaleable and secure.

Google Page Speed test

This blog engine is Programmable, Open Source and Forkable.

Because the engine is programmed in Observable:

  • Content is written within a web hosted IDE. You generate content programatically.
  • Content pages, the deployment pipeline are executed in the browser, in cells viewers can look at.
  • All pages can be forked and reprogrammed, allow blog developers to customize their blog engine without installing tooling.