Making the Trash Joyfull, Marie Kondo style

Making the Trash Joyfull, Marie Kondo style

We believe in Marie Kondo decluttering maxim that every household object should spark joy. We recently turned around our most disliked object, the trash can, to something that the kids fight over who will empty it. How? here is the story…

To make being at home pleasanter, we pondered which object in the house brings us the least joy? Worse than even the toilet brush, the trash can we find torturous. We hate it to the point of avoiding it 'til trash is spilling onto the floor.

Furthermore, the bags often burst, getting gross liquid everywhere. Yuck, the trash sucks! How could we possibly turn it into something fun? We googled around for top of the range trash cans and found a wonderful concept...

Here is a can that: 1. opens itself, so you do not need to touch it ever. 2. Bags itself when full. 3. Replaces the bag fully automatically! 4. Seals the outgoing full bags.

So this is a new robotic product which I am deeply suspicious of (I have a PhD in robots), but, we bought it 4 months ago, it's still going strong, and it genuinely brings us joy. We love showing guests the rebagging cycle. It’s a showpiece and a point of pride now! Wow!

The kids love activating the rebagging cycle, and will happily take the bagged trash to the front door. The can is small, the bags are airtight sealed and don’t leak.

There are negatives, the bags are small. Though, it makes them easy to take out and stops them from breaking, so we do not mind the more frequent trips. Overall it's a really great purchase that has improved our lives. Marie Kondo is right!

I did not think we could make the trash fun and joyful but it is possible. It’s kinda expensive but it’s well worth it. The product we bought was a Xiaomi Townew T1 Self-Sealing and Self-Changing Trash Can (commercial link)